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Peace all, keeping this notice short. The radio shows are cancelled again this weekend. I'm exhausted from school, my assignments were handed in late last night, and I'm mentally drained. Thx to Pat for keeping the site updated with some new metal interviews, which are definitely worth reading. Sadly the site sometimes will be on temp hold depending on when school work is due. 


Germany's Cryptic Brood done by Patrick posted on 3-25-17

Here  is  a  new  interview  with  Germany's  Cryptic Brood   who  recently  released their  debut  cd "Brain Eater"  which  was  released  through  the  label  Xtreem  Music.Hope  everyone  is  having  a  great  day  and  weekend  more  updates   will  be  up  soon  and  if you  are  new to  this  blog  be  sure to  take  a  few  minutes  and  check  out  some  of the  other  blogs  with  music,movie  reviews,interviews  and  news

Interview  with   Steffen  B.   drummer  for  Cryptic Brood   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello Steffen how are things in Germany these days? Please introduce yourself to the readers?
Steffen: Hej Patrick, thanks for getting in touch for this interview. Looking forward to answer the questions about my band CRYPTIC BROOD. I’m responsible for drums and vocals in this band. Besides that I joined the death/doom band OPHIS from Hamburg on drums. And my further underground activities are composed at Lycanthropic Chants (
2.When did you first meet the other members of the band and was it long before you all formed Cryptic Brood ?
Steffen: We’re all from Wolfsburg. We’ve met before – what’s no wonder because the scene here is not that big. Faces at concerts are always the same.
3.What is the current line up of the band? And for the readers who have never heard Cryptic Brood’s music how would you best describe the bands sound?
Michael Lehner: Guitar/Vocals
Dennis Butzke: Bass/Vocals
Steffen Brandes: Drums/Vocals
I would describe our sound like being beaten to death with a mouldy bag full of putrid body parts while you’re choking on bile…
4. Cryptic Brood is getting ready to release their debut release “Brain Eater” through Xtreem Music how did you all come in contact with this label?
Steffen: Dave of Xtreem Music noticed our band because of one of our split releases. When we recorded our “Wormhead”-EP and were looking for a label to release it, we had some contact. So it was this “being at the right place at the right time”-thing.
5.How long did it take to write the music for this release and does the whole band work on the music or does one member usually write everything?
Steffen: I can’t name you a concrete period. We’re always writing new music, so it’s a fluid transition from record to record. The songs evolve through jamming at our rehearsals. Someone has an idea for a riff or complete part, and then we try to arrange something around that. Something like that…
6.Besides the upcoming release does the band have any other releases or merchandise available for the readers? If yes where can the readers buy it?
Steffen: We still have some copies of our “Wormhead”-EP on CD left. And a few shirts. New will come with our first album “Brain Eater” in March 2017. The readers should check our shop at
7.Are their any shows or tours that the readers should watch out for in support of “Brain Eater”? If yes where will the band be playing?
Steffen: I’m currently working on another European tour. We’ll team up with REPUKED from Stockholm/Sweden and play mostly countries in middle and eastern Europe. More shows are planned but I can’t tell you about them today.
8.When not working on new music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Steffen: I spent most of my spare time with music: Different bands, setting up shows in Wolfsburg and running my small label Lycanthropic Chants. But sometimes I find some time for a book or a movie.
9. Cryptic Brood comes out of Germany’s old-school death metal scene what is your opinion of the German metal scene?
Steffen: There is a big scene here in Germany. There are concerts and festivals in all sizes. I’m more into the underground scene, but it depends on what you like. I think there’s something for everyone. But that means a total overkill too. You cannot got to all shows and buy all merch…
10.Who are your all-time favorite German bands and are their any new bands you can recommend to the readers?
Steffen: I don’t like questions about favourite bands… there’re records I spin more often than others. But this changes from time to time. And just naming some classics is boring, isn’t it? Here are some names of German bands: GOATH, GRAVEYARD GHOUL, KRIEGSZITTERN, MORBID PANZER. Uargh!
11. Steffen you handle the drums for the band at what age did you become interested in playing the drums? Are you self taught or did you take lessons when first starting out?
Steffen: I started to play drums when I was a young teenager. Maybe 13 years old. I had both lessons and years of autodidacticism…
12.Who are some of your influences and favorite drummers? Besides the drums do you currently play any other instruments?
Steffen: In my former band DISSOULED I played guitar and later bass. But I’m not good in that and prefer playing drums. And when not doing this in bands I’m mostly into the style of drummers like Steve Gadd or Rick Latham.
13.Besides music we here at Ancient Visionz are huge movie fans do you watch a lot of movies?What are some of your all-time favorite movies?
Steffen: Books, comics and of course movies! All the horror themed stuff. It’s nearly the same like the question about my favourite bands. But it’s a bit easier. I’ll just name two movies that pop up in my mind spontaneously: Alienkiller and Woodoo. Another great thing was to see the Blu-Ray version of Suspiria in a small cinema here in Wolfsburg. Very trippy :)
14.Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?
Steffen: Asterix & Obelix!
15.Besides metal do you listen to any other forms of underground music?
Steffen: Do you count Rock to this too? Doom? I like hand done music in all its forms. And sometimes electronic stuff. Depends on my mood.
16.Thank you Steffen for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any words to end this interview?
Steffen: Once more, thank you for this interview. If someone liked the interview and wanna know more about my band CRYPTIC BROOD they should check our website to stay up to date.
                                                              Band    contact

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Invasion interview done on 3-19-17

Interview with Pete Clemens (bassist/vocalist  of  Invasion)  done by  Gaz and Patrick

1.Hello  Pete  how  are  things  going  with you  these  days? Please  introduce yourself to  the readers?

Peter: Hails brother!  How things going? For the uninitiated I'm the bassist/vocalist and main songwriter for the band INVASION and psychotic mastermind behind the bands YELLOWTOOTH, SEA OF TRANQUILLTY and CORPORATION SS. I'm also the bass player for the metal merchants SKULLVIEW.  I also run a very small label out here in Indiana named Orchestrated Misery Recordings & so far we've released PSYCHOMANCER, YELLOWTOOTH, CATAPULT THE SMOKE, IMPURIUM & THRONE OF SACRILEGE cds to name a few.

2.At  what  age  did you  start  listening  to  metal  music  and  who  were  some  of the  first  bands you   listened to?

Peter: I've been listening to Metal since the early 1980's when my brothers introduced me to Black Sabbath, AC/DC & Judas Priest along with a slew of other bands that helped influence me including Cream, Blue Oyster Cult, UFO and Led Zeppelin. Both of my older brothers jammed in bands around the area & watching them practice gave me inspiration to do my own thing.

3.Pete  you  formed  Invasion  back  in 1989  what  gave you  the  idea to  start this  band? And  how  did you choose Invasion  for the band's name?

Peter: Well, INVASION was more of a concept back in 1989 and the band itself didn't actually get moving until the mid 1990's.  We were originally called CONQUERED but the name didn't really represent what we wanted at the time, so we changed it to INVASION after the Iron Maiden song of the same name.  We saw it listed on their demo years ago and thought it was cool, so we borrowed it.

4.Who  were  some  of the  bands  influences  when  you  all first  started  out? And  how  do you  feel  the  band's  music  has  changed  since the  beginning  of the  band  til  present  day?

Peter:  We were very influenced by the underground bands at the time.  Sacrifice, Obliveon, Infernal Majesty, Sadus, Dark Angel, Whiplash, Destruction, but when we heard the swedish assault taking place that opened a new pathway for our type of writing.  Nihilist, Uncanny, Aboth, Treblinka, early Therion, Grave, Entombed, all those bands had the sound we thought could fit the INVASION asthetic and it did, and it's somewhat obvious in how our writing has changed.  The first couple cds we released were a mixture of thrash & death, but leaning heavily on the speed element from bands like canadian bands like Sacrifice & Slaughter.  As we started going through our rehearsals for inspiration you could hear the change taking place in our writing.  We were slowly heading towards death metal influences.

5.Invasion   is  getting  ready  to  release  their  fourth  full-length  Destroyer  Of  Mankind  how  long  did  it take  the  band to  write  the  music for this  release? Does  the  whole  band  contribute  to the  writing  process  or does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

Peter:  This album has been in the works since roughly 2011/2012.  We had released Orchestrated Kill Manuever in 2010 and were taking some time off to concentrate on our other bands (Nocturnal Torment, Skullview, Yellowtooth) but I was still writing material for INVASION.  We started to jam in 2012 for the new cd but unfortunately our drummer decided to quit the metal scene, which left us in a dilemma.  It wasn't until the end of 2015 that I secured a drummer for the recording.  As for INVASION, I write all the material for the band. I have other bands where the "democracy" thing transpired, but I wanted to write and convey a different feeling and attitude for this band, plus I could concentrated on my passion for history and look at the different attributes of US involvement in different wars over the 20th century.

6.The  lyrics  seem to  be  based  on  history  and  wars.  When  did you  decide to  use  war  as  the  theme  for the  band? And  are  their  certain  wars  or times  in  history  that you  enjoy  reading  and  studying  the most?

Peter:  That's always been INVASION.  I have about 300/400 books on the subject and I'm always looking for new sources to scour and devour. I deal primarily with the 20th centntury when it comes to reading & it refeects in the INVASION material.  For example:  The song "Black Thursday" on our 3rd cd deals with the US Air War over Germany during World War 2 and on one sunny afternoon 60 B-17s and B-24 bombers were shot down.  That's almost an average of 10 men per plan, so on that day 600 lost their lives.  Just brutal.  That's INVASION.

7.Besides  wars  are  there  any  other  times  in  history that you  like to  read  about? Other then  history  do you  study  any  other  subjects  these days?

Peter:  No, primarily US involvement in different conflicts.  That's just something I've always gravitated too.  Be it The Civil War in 1861/65, World War One, World War Two of the Korean Conflict (as it's officially been called).  I do read often and it varies between history and some fiction novels.  Dean Koontz has been on the list lately and I try to read a book or 2 every month if possible, but with the record label, bands & work it doesn't leave much time.

8.Besides  the  upcoming  release  are  any  of  Invasion's  past  releases  and  other  merchandise still available? If  yes, what  is  available  and  where  can  the readers  buy  it?

Peter:  You might be able to locate some items from our record label down in Indianapliois (Abyss Records) or you could scour Ebay for the ocassional item.  We printed up shirts last year but those sold out quickly and unforutatnely we are kind of slow at printing things up haha.  One of these days will get things rolling again, but my best guess would be to peruse or Ebay for additional INVASION items.  They are out there, but I don't have anything extra except the new cds for sale. 

9.What  have  been  some  of  the  bands  most   memorable   shows  over the  years and  who  were  some  of your  favorite  bands to  share the  stage  with?

Peter: We've only done a couple shows & the only one of significance was when Enthroned came to the Chicago area and we shared the stage with those Metal Mongers! Very cool times! Guys were supercool! Ended up going a SACRIFICE cover that night & everyone was thrashing out!

10.Are  there  any  tours  or  shows  in  support  of   Destroyer  Of  Mankind   if  yes  where   will  the  band  be  playing? Has the  band  ever  gotten the  chance to  play  outside  the  U.S? Where  are  some  countries  that you  would  like  to  play?

No, like I mentioned we've only done a couple shows.  Mostly we invite people to the rehearsal room for beers & jam new material for some of the local brothers in our area.  And, if perhaps it happened, I'd like to tour Europe or the Far East.  I think INVASION would go over well in those locations.  They are more accepting of our styles instead of the folks here in the US.

11.Pete  as  mentioned  you  have  been  a  part  of the  underground  scene  since the  late  80's  what  was your  opinion  of the  early  years  of the  underground  scene?

Peter: The early years were great! Correspondance through the mail was the only way to communicate with some of these bands. It was a far different time & there were no band wagons for people to jump on. You played what you wrote & let the listener decide from there. I started listening to Heavy Metal in 1981/82 and it wasn't until I heard about SLAYER and METALLICA that I realized what I wanted to do from that point on. Everyone can rip on METALLICA now and that's fine, but they helped start the thrash metal movement & it opened up new avenues for the youth to react & attack!  From there it was MOTORHEAD, VENOM, etc. but those early years made an impact on me.  It made an impact on all of us.

12.Did you  ever  do  much  tape-trading in those days? What  were  some of your  favorite  fanzines  from  that  era? Do you  read  and  keep  up  with  any  present  day  web-zines?

Peter: Yes, that's all I did.  I traded demos with damn near every band I could. I was in a thrash band called Shades of Grey from 1988/1992 and that's how we got the word out. Mind you, I'd been listening to this music for several years and never had a product or anything to send out, but even then we wrote original music but never had the means to record it.  And for fanzines, I kick myself in the ass for cutting them apart for the pictures and posting them on my lockers in middle/high school.  Seriously wish I had more of them around. I still have a few, but I'd need to go through the piles of materials and dig them out.

13.Besides   playing  in   Invasion  you  also  play  in the  sludge,doom  band  Yellowtooth   when  did you  start  working  with  this   band?

Peter: That band initally started in 2008, but the concept for it was driven into my mind back in 2004/2005 when I went through my divorce.  I was listening to a lot of Sludge & Stoner Rock in those days and I wanted to keep the heaviness of death metal but slow the overall speed & turn it into swamp driven riffs while maintaning the intensity.  Obviously along the way we encountered some difficulties (like all bands do) but we have fun recording & getting that material out.  Unfortunately we don't play out as often as we like due to work schedules and family obligations, but when we can we crush!

14.What  is  the  current  line-up  for  Yellowtooth  and  how  would you  best  describe  the  bands  musical  style?

Peter: Well, we've got Ed Kribs on drums, Henry McGinnis on guitar/vocals and myself on bass/lead vocals.  We've been kicking this around since 2008 & it's a good time when we can get our fix on writing new tunes.  As for a description, it's kinda like old school thrash/speed metal with a mixture of southern influence and maybe some doom elements.  It's hard to describe the material as we venture all over the METAL map, but stay within it's essential elements.  It's heavy haha!

15.Besides  metal  music  do you  enjoy  listening to  any  other forms  of  music? If  yes  who  are  some  of your  favorite  bands  and  artists?

Peter: I still listen to early 70s & 80s bands that influenced me when I was a kid.  Both my brothers are musicians and they helped introduce me to The Beatles, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, The Doors, Cream and a bunch of others.  Obviously I still listen to those bands, but newer stuff like Porcupine Tree, Amplifier and a few other select bands have found their way into my cd player.  I've also discovered early country (Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash) which I never really discovered until the last few years.  If you keep yourself digesting only one form of music I think your creativity will be limited if you intend to write songs, but that's just my opinion.

16.When  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what  do you  enjoy  doing  in your  free time?

Peter: That is my free time haha! I work 48/56 hours a week at a steel mill so I don't get much free time aside from making music or hanging with friends.  Tonight we have practice with another band I've been in since 1996 and that's Skullview.  We already have 4 albums out now & were gearing up to release our 5th.  It's the same group of guys since the band formed in 1995 & it's a good time. Plus I've started work on another project called CORPORATION SS that was initally formed in 2004 with the drummer from Chronic Black, but we ran into problems so we only recorded a 4/5 song demo with no vocals.

17.Thank  you  Pete  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this   interview   out  do you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?

Peter: No, thank you! If anyone is interested in some of my other bands just check facebook or google for this other projects I am involved with, and thanks again my brothers! I appreciate the support!  Here are a couple you can find:

Sea of Tranquillity:


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 Hey all, you may have noticed the site has been quiet this week aside from recent radio show play lists. The site will be like this at times depending on when assignments are due at school and the level of work I need to do. This weekend both the Wastelands and Ancient Visionz radios shows are cancelled. Hopefully they shall be back on air next weekend, but currently I'm working on finishing my assignments for school, which are due to be handed in next week, so see you all next weekend.

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Featured in this episode: Blues, Traditional Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Shred, Brutal DM, Death Metal, Slam, Old School DM, Death Grind, Sludge, Doom, Desert Rock, Stoner Rock, silly humor, mosh shouts, skits, sweaty sounds, & more!


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    Melvins - Holy Barbarian (2:31)
    PLUG - rainbow to hell (3:34)
    1968 - War Dogs (4:31)
    Grizzly - Ride Along (4:27)
    Electric Citizen - Ghost of Me (3:26)
    Shadow Witch - Lamp Light (3:33)
    The Dirty Earth - Eternity (4:54)
    Avatarium - Iron Mule (5:50)
    Blues Pills - Dig In (5:33)
    Dopelord - Navigator (8:06)
    Moonlight Prophecy - Spellbound (3:46)
    Blazon Stone - Hunting For Gold (3:53)
    Sanctuary - Death Rider / Third War (4:14)
    Sanctuary - Soldiers of Steel (6:39)
    Moonlight Prophecy - Witch Hunt (3:37)
    Substratum - Curse of the Soothsayer Part I: The Beggar's Toll (7:28)
    Ripper - Calling Me (3:14)
    Devil's Dare - Into The Sky (4:43)
    Bewitcher - Midnight Hunters (3:40)
    Apostle Of Solitude - This Mania (6:24)
    Fu Manchu - Open Your Eyes (2:32)
    Lo-Pan - Black Top Revelation (4:01)
    Hebosagil - Padot (3:59)
    Craven Idol - Dashed to Death (6:07)
    Evocation - The Shadow Archetype (4:06)
    Crust - Rejected by Society (5:34)
    The Merciless Concept - Reign of Torment (3:24)
    U.L.M. - Petroliferous democracy(3:37)
    U.L.M. - MCT (2:42)
    Sigil - Kingdom of the Grave (4:09)
    Sigil - Summoning Hate (5:45)
    Sigil - Strange Aeons (4:52)
    Gorephilia - The Ravenous Storm (4:47)
    Gorephila - Harmageddon of Souls (4:03)
    GROG |Pt| - SAVAGERY (2:32)
    Goresoerd - Põhjast (3:37)
    COME BACK FROM THE DEAD - Haze of Blood (2:53)
    ENTRAPMENT - Through Realms Unseen (3:08)
    Funeralopolis - Beneath Deathless Depths (3:44)
    Gravebomb - Funeralizer (3:48)
    HARM - City of the Dead (5:09)
    Phlegm - Enter the Disinterred (3:11)
    Scorched - Rot in Confinement (3:30)
    TRAVØLTA - Death Industries (0:34)
    Bear Mace - Leave Nothing Here Alive (5:48)
    Bear Mace - Wheel Of Despair (5:31)
    The Resistance - Warmonger (2:52)
    Old Chapel - Witchboard (6:00)
    Beastplague - Glorified Rottendom (1:15)
    Tomb Warden - Equilateral (0:58)
    Innumerable Forms - Joyless (4:45)
    Blunt Force Trauma - Empty Lies And Broken Promises (3:42)
    Broken Flesh - Exalt (2:25)
    Infernal Revulsion - Rot In Peace (2:36)
    Soils Of Fate - High Lead Intake (3:41)
    ADE - Excidium (4:29)
    Wormed - Eukaryotic Hex Swarm (2:33)
    7 H.Target - Broken Electric Mechanism (4:42)



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    Forged - Distorted (0:27)
    BLACK ALLEY LOBOTOMY - Living In A Box (0:47)
    Gate - Destined (0:29)
    Reltih - Possessed by Greed (2:51)
    Shaïd - Missing In Action3 (1:11)
    CHIENS - Miseducation (0:54)
    Cavernicular - Doctrine Junkies (0:56)
    Graves - Choke (0:56)
    Nothing Clean - Simmer Down (0:19)
    Sacridose - Hours Of Bedlam (0:41)
    SHACKLSS - Selfish (0:22)
    Tina Turner Fraiseur - Merdias (0:56)
    Wreck - Borders (1:22)
    Cold Times - Below The Surface (2:03)
    Xibalba - Con Amor (3:02)
    Expire - Darker (1:15)
    Grieved - Asunder (1:49)
    Hellbent - Unspoken (2:27)
    LAW - Apathy's Cold Hand (1:39)
    CRAVE DEATH - Misery's Best Company (1:53)
    ¡BLUNT! - Hate the World, Skate the World (0:52)
    Blindside USA - Can't Stand (1:26)
    Chain Rank - Power Hungry (1:09)
    Civil Unrest - Coca-Colonization (0:22)
    Arms Race - Seems To Me (1:05)
    Aggression Pact - No Peace No Truce (1:01)
    PICK YOUR SWITCH - Better Pray 4 'Em (1:22)
    PICK YOUR SWITCH - Pick Your Switch (1:18)
    Strutter - Excluded (1:24)
    The Hammer - Can't Win (0:48)
    Sick People - Insane (0:57)
    OFFENSE - Meaning / Less (0:56)
    Mental Distress - Traditions (1:05)
    Long Knife - Mr. Pharmaceutical (2:09)
    Feel Nothing - Key Strokes (1:29)
    Give Today - This Place (2:10)
    Gas Rag - Pass Out (0:46)
    FREE - Dedication (0:37)
    Frustrated - Stone Head (1:23)
    Free Spirit - Be Yourself (0:46)
    HEADSPLITTERS - It Won't Last (1:44)
    Dödläge - Internal Crisis (0:41)
    brottskod 11 - Förstör oss (2:09)
    CHEM-TRAILS - Stop And Frisk (1:49)
    Disease - Endless War (1:52)
    INFESTED - Left Alone (1:31)
    Decomp - Paranoid Coward (1:27)
    Deathtribe - In Many Nightmare (1:20)
    Kriegshog - Extinction (1:14)
    lio - Algo Nuevo (1:10)
    Narcoleptics - Paroxysm (1:32)
    Sunshine Ward - Progress (1:10)
    Symptom - Hungry Ghost (1:33)
    UNBOUND - Momentary (1:33)
    Warcry - Zero (1:38)
    Social Outcast - Our Protection (2:48)
    Rope - Burden (1:48)

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 Raaaa! Extended edition! Mosh & stuff! Get the jackets! Join us for jacket mosh!

Today featuring: Blues, Traditional Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Shred, Brutal DM, Death Metal, Slam, Old School DM, Sludge, Doom, Desert Rock, Stoner Rock, silly humor, mosh shouts, skits, sweaty sounds, & more!
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Featured today: HC, HC Punk, Metallic HC, Grindcore, Crust, Crust Grind, D-Beat.

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Swiss thrashers Comaniac ( are releasing a playthrough video for the title track of their upcoming sophomore record. “Instruction For Destruction” deals with the motive of the album artwork. The song tells a story of a woman trying to build a divine sculpture of herself. Yet she fails due to the blind following of an instruction which leads her into her physical and mental decay. The exclusive premiere takes place at on March 9th, 9:00 AM CET.

The band say: „This song is packed with great riffing and an innovative songwriting which makes this song perfect to present it as a playthrough video. „Instruction For Destruction“ is for sure one of the most challenging songs we ever wrote and an outsanding Comaniac song with a deep and dark lyrical content.”

“Instruction For Destruction” is coming out on April 7th via SAOL Records.

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Interview with Bjorn guitarist of Mordbrand done by Patrick posted up on 3-5-17

Interview  with  Bjorn guitarist   of  Mordbrand   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello  Bjorn  please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers  and  at  what  age  did you  discover  metal  music?

I play guitars, bass and I'm the main songwriter of Mordbrand. I discovered rock and metal in my early childhood, but got more involved and fanatical about metal in my teens (I'd say around '95 or so). It all started with Guns 'n' Roses as a kid (ask any child of the early 80's) and things just got heavier and more aggressive as time passed.

2.Who   were  some  of  the  first  bands  you  listened to   and  who  are  some  of your  current  favorites?

As above mentioned: Guns 'n' Roses was the gateway drug for me. Later on it was Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest and all the classic bands. Slayer, Sepultura and Morbid Angel later on opened my eyes to the more dark and sinister stuff. Today I wouldn't really say I have favorites since I listen to so much different music and so many bands. I constantly check out new stuff and search for that high that you get from discovering a new/old band that you haven't heard before. So many talented players out there and the competition is stiff nowadays, which is cool.

3.When  did you  first  meet  the  other members  of  the  band? And  how  did you  all  choose  the  name   Mordbrand   as  the  name  of  the  band?

Me and Johan (Rudberg, drums) go way back. We've been in many bands together, so when we started out this band we just made some filthy death metal in the vein of Autopsy and Master, for kicks. The songs turned out pretty cool and was released on a split LP with Evoke on Me Saco Un Ojo Records in 2010. That lit something within us so we decided to stop messing around and turn this project into something more severe and serious. We asked Per (Boder, vocals) if he'd like to join since we knew that he's basically the best voice around. He unexpectedly said 'yes' and the rest is history. We truly aren't the same band today as we were 7 years ago, but the filth withstands.

4.What  is  the  current  line up  of  the  band?  and  for the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Mordbrand's music  how would  you  say  it  has  changed  since  the  beginning  of the  band  until  present day?

Me on strings, Per on vocals and Johan on drums. Well, the first split LP is sort of goofy but still raw with a punkish attitude. Today we are more focused on bringing atmosphere and a sense of danger into the sound. Every song should stand on it's own. It's not about finding the "right sound" - it's about making quality music that survives current trends.

5. Mordbrand    is  getting  ready  to  release  their  second  full-length  "Wilt"  how  long  did  it  take  to  write  the  music  for this  release?Does  the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

We started writing the album in February last year and finished the recordings in november the same year. We worked very hard and went through a lot of trials in order to get it done. Everything that could've fucked up eventually did. But it came out just a great as we had hoped. We are tremendously proud of the result and we feel that it represents exactly what we strived to do and who we are as a band today. A melodic, atmospheric but crusty and deadly slab of metal. No fillers, just 9 songs that vary quite a bit from one another.

6.Who   usually  takes  care  of  writing  the  lyrics  and  what  are some  topics  the  band  wrote about  on  Wilt?

Per does all the lyrics and the theme on all of our releases (except for the earlier material) is about life's transformation. How life withers and dies and transforms into something new. Full circle.

7.What  have  been  some  of  Mordbrand's  most  memorable  shows  over  the  years?Who  were  some  of your  favorite  bands  that you  got to  share  the  stage   with?

We've only done one show thus far, back in 2012 (or was it 2013?) with Bombs of Hades and Terrorama. 2 great bands. We aim at doing more shows in the future and we have a lineup ready to do the heavy duty work.

8.Are  their  any  upcoming  tours  or  shows in  support  of  Wilt  if  yes  where  will the  band  be  playing?

Not yet. Unfortunately we've had to turn down cool offers due to lineup issues and family life, but we're confident things can be arranged sooner than later.

9.Bjorn  you  take  care  of  the  guitars  for  the  band at  what  age  did you become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars?Did you  take  lessons  when  first  starting  out or  are you  self  taught?

Around the same time I discovered the magic of music, basically. I was self-taught up until the age of 15 when I started highschool and had the chance to study music and guitar playing. I wouldn't say that the actual education was that much beneficial for me as a player, but it connected me with a new crowd of people and musical endeavors.

10.Who  are  some  of your  influences and  favorite guitarists? Besides  the  guitars  do you  currently   play  any  other  instruments?

I really don't have favorite guitar players that inspire my own work with Mordbrand. I do what I know best and I try not to complicate stuff. But as a listener I'm a huge fan of Trey from Morbid Angel, Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest, Piggy (r.i.p.) from Voivod, Dave Murray from Iron Maiden and other godfathers of the genre.

11.Mordbrand comes  out  of  Sweden's  death  metal  scene  what  is your  opinion  of  Sweden's  metal  scene  over  the  years?

I think it's still intact and more varied than it used to be. You have the death metal veterans still going strong, the 'kill your idols' kind of youngsters like Degial and Tribulation, as well as a stable black metal "scene". Also there's great thrash to be found like Antichrist, which has a really promising new release coming out this year. Cool gigs are more and more common too, which is a sign of health I think.

12.Who   are  some of your  all-time  favorite  Swedish  bands? And  are  their  any  new  bands  you  can  recommend to  the  readers?

That's a hard question. Entombed, Marduk, Stillborn, Bathory and Candlemass are bands that I hold in very high regard, just to name a few from the top of my head. But the more current scene is vibrant and the bands are too many to mention (and too many will be left out, sadly).

But you'd do yourself a favour if you checked out the bands we've done split releases with: Bombs of Hades, Gravehill, Rite and Evoke. You can also find the cream of the crap on the Critical Mass collections (I think there's 3 thus far) that really tries to capture what's hot in the swedish underground.

13.Besides  bands  are  their  any  honest  and reliable  labels  or  distro's  you  could  recommend  to the  readers?

Yes. Carnal Records that will release "Wilt" is an example of that. A hardworking and honest label with a great set of bands on it's CV. To The Death Records we've had nothing but good experiences with. Same goes for Bifrost, Deathgasm, Doomentia and all the other labels that we've worked with. We've been very lucky in that sense.

14.Thank  you  Bjorn for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this   interview   out   do  you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?

"Wilt" is out on CD February 24th on Carnal Records. LP will follow later. Thanks for your interest!

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