Sunday, 17 December 2017


Prepare for nerd rage. So many wrong things with The Last Jedi, but it is going to be a few days until I can write the review. Tomorrow I'm interviewing crossover band X-Method on Ancient Visionz Radio, so aiming for Tuesday. 


So, now I've watched The Last Jedi, I can now post the Ancient Visionz Best Movies of 2017 list, which is small, but they were the only stand out releases where I didn't feel cheated coming out the movie theatre. I'm quite pushed for time atm and am working through a huge backlog for the music portion of the site, so links to the official sites and trailers aren't included. 2017 was a disappointing year for film pertaining to the major hyped up releases. Outside of metal and punk, I'm an avid movie fan and go see most films, even those I'm not crazy on, as you never know.

Best Movies of 2017

I've read the Old Man Logan comics, which I enjoyed, but not the one so much with the Hulks roaming the wastelands. Anyway, Logan was one of the few films that did live up to the hype and gave us something we had needed for a long time with Wolverine and comic book movies in general. Good story, acting, and flushed out characters.

John Wick 2
Excellent sequel to the original with a good supporting cast and interesting characters and motivations. Superb action sequences, but they relate to the story and aren't just thrown in at random. One of the stand out movies for sure. 

Blade of the Immortal
I'm in the process of writing a full review for Blade of the Immortal, but it was such an engrossing film to watch both in terms of cinematography, acting, action sequences, and the pacing was well balanced. Sadly, the movie has probably been overlooked by the casual audience, but if you enjoy Feudal Japan, and historical action epics, then catch this when you can. Very well acted and developed characters.

And sadly, that is all that stands out for 2017. A poor year for film. Maybe there are some others I've forgotten about or missed, but those were the 3 stand out movies where I didn't feel robbed by the admission ticket.

Second Tier Movies
Second tier movies, which were good and senjoyable, and worth a mention. 

The Limehouse Golem
The final act let The Limehouse Golem down, which was a shame as this could of been really great. It had a solid cast featuring Bill Nighy. Anyway, it was a dark Victorian murder mystery with the appropriate atmosphere, which was well acted and related to the story arc. The final act and reveal pulled the film down leaving it a little predictable, but it is worth a watch. It did have a feel of Sherlock Holmes crossed with Jack the Ripper. 

Murder On The Orient Express 
I've never seen the original, but it was a beautifully shot movie with a great cast and solid acting. Just fell short of being in the tops, but we do need movies such as these to give us a balance. Hopefully there are more future releases set in various eras to provide an alternative choice at the movie theatre. Daisey Ridley also stars in the film and imo her acting is much better in this movie than The Last Jedi.

Thor Ragnarok
Easily the best Thor movie and I do like the new focus on space within the Marvel cinematic universe atm. The jokes, which yes I'm not always crazy about in Marvel movies are well balanced, so it isn't a total cheese fest or detracts from the film itself.   

There are a few others movies which were good such as Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Wonder Woman was fairly decent despite some bad cgi and poor acting in places. The villain was an anti climax and appeared to sound like another Shakespearan cast off, which made it a little cheesy in the final act.  


Ancient Visionz Talk Radio is warming up with a few pre Christmas shows starting tomorrow with Abby from X-Method. Awesome crossover from California and its a show you do not want to miss if you are a fan of thrash. We will be chatting about thrash, metal, punk, shows, tours, movies, and much more!


UK: 8pm
US: 2pm Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 3pm EST, 2pm Central.
Europe: 9pm CET.

The show will probably be 1-2hrs.

Listen live here (refresh if there are any problems): 

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Ancient Visionz Talk Radio FAQS:


I'm writing this blog about the new changes that are coming to both The Wastelands and Ancient Visionz radio shows. I've been thinking about the decision for a long period and feel it is the best way forward.

Since Brutal Existence Radio closed, The Wastelands struggled to receive any listeners. 2-3 is the max, if those few listeners aren't around, it is the wonderful statistical figures of, yes folks, '0'. I started in diy radio around 07/08 and have already djayed under those circumstances with an old punk show and site. I can't do it anymore when there is no audience.

The Wastelands does really well when the podcast is posted and receives hundreds of views with numerous downloads/streams. Crazy that the live shows cannot seem to draw anyone in. Recently, I began treating The Wastelands as an on air podcast, which helped me get through it with no listeners, or the same 2-3. The notable lack of comedy and fewer on airs are due to myself becoming disillusioned and bored. Comedy has always been a huge part of my shows, but not for sometime now.  

When you are DIY, the stats are low, and always will be, but a small crowd of 6-8 would of been fine. On Brutal Existence Radio I had 20-30 listeners a show, and a quiet day was 12 listeners. I could of joined several Internet radio stations, but the music and set lists I play didn't quite flow. 

Other stations I looked at are only interested in mainstream artists and indie majors. No bad on the music, I like many of those artists as well, but my preference is always mid tier to grass roots for music radio shows. It is too easy to sit playing the same old stuff and bands we all know. Its boring and not challenging in any aspect, and creatively stale. I've tried to respect the real underground in all scenes from hc/punk, metal, and hip hop, but this cannot continue or its going to suck my spirit. 

A few months ago I relaunched Ancient Visionz Talk Radio and decided to do on air interviews. It is available and open for metal, punk, underground hip hop, indie film, and fellow sci-fi/comic book fans. The show has grown immensely, and if there are no listeners for the live shows, it doesn't really bother me as I'm interacting with someone. The backlog for Ancient Visionz Talk Radio is incredible. I think it is obvious what I need to do. 

Therefore, Ancient Visionz Talk Radio is going to become my main show and probably run with 2 interviews a week. The Wastelands is moving to a monthly edition and airing on weekends. It shall be heavily dominated by promos, submissions, and music I find on Bandcamp. Pretty much what The Wastelands already is. I'm treating it as on air podcast, which I mentioned earlier, and with only airing monthly, if no one listens, and people just download it, then that's fine.

I wanted to share how much The Wastelands has struggled since the closure of Brutal Existence Radio. I need to adapt and move forward before I lose interest.

There are positives though. I'll finally be able to write on the site, and actually post music and movie reviews. Never been able to do that on a regular basis with running various radio shows. Ancient Visionz Talk Radio is expanding all the time, so please contact me if you would like to join me to discuss movies, metal, hc punk, underground hip hop, comics, and so on. 

There are a few episodes of The Wastelands to upload and a show airing next week to clear some of the promos. After Christmas The Wastelands moves to a monthly slot and Ancient Visionz Talk Radio becomes the primary radio show. 

Saturday, 16 December 2017


Hey all I've just returned from the movie theatre where I went to watch The Last Jedi. I'm struggling to write non emotionally, but truth be told I do love Star Wars as much as I've tried to play it down since The Force Unawakens, and I think this is why I'm just so disappointed and sad.

I posted 2 blogs this week describing how I was feeling and my sense of fear regarding how bad The Last Jedi could be. Despite my reservations, there was a part of me that really did think I'd see those fears blown out the water. It really does suck when the latest instalment of an iconic movie series is that bad. Make no mistake, it is one terrible movie. 

When I write up the review, I'll try to list what I did like, and to be truthful there are only 2 things I liked in the entire movie, maybe 3 at a stretch. That's it. Yes really. If there are more I'll list them, if I can think of any.

I can sum up The Last Jedi as a polished turd that looks nice on the surface, but underneath its still a turd. It was like watching a Transformers movie in the Star Wars universe. Big action sequences and forgettable characters with awful acting.

3/10 rating. Full review coming soon.


Normally, you would think I'd be so thrilled about going to watch a new Star Wars movie, but I cannot escape the feeling of disappointment that is already looming over me. I simply cannot be stoked, because The Force Unawakens/Kylo Struggles To Strike back was such a colossal travesty in every sense of the word. 

I'm deeply troubled Darth Disney is once again going to rip the soul from an iconic series with another serving of pop corn filler. Ok, pop corn filler can be good under the right circumstances, but not with Star Wars. I pay no heed to the popular media outlets and major critics that sing the same song every time a new Star Wars is released. The prequels were bad enough, but the new offerings so far (apart from Rogue One) have been soulless cash grabs that were poorly written and are terrible mediocre movies. Because I'm a nerd means there are aspects I enjoy in the movies such as character costumes and a few minor things, but that has been it so far, which doesn't say much for the overall quality of the films.

We have had a tough deal with Star Wars since the prequels, then Darth Reboot arrived from dumbing down Star Trek to destroy SW. If I wasn't so wrapped up in the music side of the site, I'd rewrite my review for episode 7 to state what a bag of turds it is. 

I sincerely hope The Last Jedi is good, but I cannot escape the feeling Darth Dollar has ruined SW. Talk to you soon folks, time to see if my feelings are wrong.



Soon an announcement shall be posted concerning both Ancient Visionz Talk Radio and The Wastelands. Ancient Visionz Talk Radio is going to become my main show and The Wastelands will run as a monthly edition. Full explanation posted this weekend.


This week's Wastelands will be uploaded tomorrow. Thank you all who supported the live shows and submitted music.


The Wastelands is now live with this week's rescheduled 2nd show featuring an onslaught of thrash and hc with a slight pinch of old school dm & death metal in small parts. So, the moshmas show features: Thrash, Crossover, HC, HC Punk, Metallic HC, Heavy HC, and small flavors of old school dm and death metal, but mainly all out thrash and hc!

Listen live here:

The Wastelands Submissions Page:

Friday, 15 December 2017


I'm rescheduling The Wastelands for tomorrow and interviewing crossover thrash band Xmethod live on Ancient Visionz Talk Radio this Monday. We had a few tech issues to smooth out with our guest and opted to do the show on Monday. Xmethod are an awesome band and I'm airing them on the show tomorrow, so if you enjoy really raw crossover, then be sure to check out The Wastelands. 

Full info posted this weekend, but here is the rough break down for now, listed below.

The Wastelands Radio airs tomorrow featuring thrash, crossover, hc, metallic hc, heavy hc, and hc punk. Airtime to be announced.

Ancient Visionz Talk Radio returns on Monday with a pre Christmas show featuring guests Xmethod. Show times: 8pm UK/12pm Pacific (US)/3pm EST (US)/2pm Central (US)/1pm Mountain (US). 1hr-1hr 30 min show, maybe longer.