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Interview with Jorge vocalist of Eshtadur done by Patrick posted on 8-19-17

Interview  with  Jorge  vocalist  of  Eshtadur  done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  Jorge   how  are  things  going  in  Colombia these  days?Please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers?

Nice to meet you Patrick,  Jorg here of Eshtadur, all here great and working a lot, thanks to all the readers, I am 27 and since I was 15 I've been dreaming with playing and having a well known metal band, I have a  Bachelor in music and I play soccer as a hobbie.

2.When  did you  first   get  the  idea  to  form  this  band?How  did you  choose  the  name Eshtadur  does it have  a  special  meaning?

When I started basic school at 12 I saw by first time a music room, with drums and guitars, I wanted to play drums, then I got some tapes from Metallica, listenning to battery, I just had to listen to those acoustic guitars and then the riffs, immediately I wanted to play that. When I was 15 I founded Eshtadur with some friends, I played heavy metal first but never done something serious before till Eshtadur, the name's meaning is taken from a greek author who referes to Eshtadur as Rebellion of angels, there is known, there several kind of Rebellion in antique books, Eshtadur is the Rebellion of the angels.

3.What  is  the  current  line-up  of the  band?Who  would you  say  are  the bands  biggest  influences?

Current Line up is Victor on the bass, Mauro in drums and Sebas on guitars, we have been together over a year, ans we really want to make a lot of things for our future, influences are very vast, sebas is a pure thrash metal fan, such as Victor, he likes Judast priest and heavy metal, Mauro is very fan of grind, black and death metal, we like bands like Dismember, Dissection, at the gates, In flames.

4.Mother Gray  is  the  bands third full-length release  does the whole  band  take  part in the  writing process  or does  one member  take care of everything?

I have been always interested in sharing ideas and arrangements with others, however due to the turn of events, I have played with a lot of musicians, being pretty exigent to find those who want to risk and engage as much as I want, people with other priorities in better words, so after changing a lot of members I have spend much of the time alone and I developed a method and ideas and style, so I take care of everything, music, lyrics, concepts, arrangements.

5.Jorge  you  handle  the  vocals  for the  band  so I figure  you  write  the lyrics  for the music.What  are  some  subjects you  wrote  about  on  Mother Gray ?

I wrote about pretty bad times I had, depression, dark energies, was far away from my wife, I almost died in a car accident, so all tracks talk about that, when I got some guts and motivation, I wrote "Plaguemaker" and "Time hole to paris", about how people try to turn you down, and how man is the perfect weapon to destroy all that the world gives by nature. The song "Desolation" is dedicated to my wife who came back with me, we are really better now fortunately thanks lol. The song "Belong to nowhere" is a mix of how I felt without my half my partner and that I didn't have a Father which makes me an angry antipathic man sometimes. The mother gray is the nature becoming death, Plague, decease, devastation, illness, decay.

6.Besides  Mother Gray  are  any of the  bands  previous  releases still  available  for purchase?Besides  physical  releases is  their  any other  merchandise available if  yes what is available  and where  can the  readers buy  it?

All material is sold out, we only have 20 or 30 Cds of Oblivion EP in digipack, but you can find all discography in digital download or streaming at, you can purchase songs or albums.

7.Are  their  any  shows  or tours  coming up  in support  of Mother Gray? If yes  where  will  the  band  be  playing?

We are planning to do some shows in Colombia in a few months and we would like to book something dor Europe we'll see.

8.Eshtadur  comes out  of  the  Colombian  metal  scene  what is your  opinion  of  Colombia's metal  scene?

I have so much respect for my country's metal scene, very exigent, all bands that success here are over 15 or 20 years old, you have to work hard to be recognized, however we are growing and becoming better, there are international bands coming around, bigger concerts are made nowadays which helps the scene to be closer to something better, like in Europe or US.

9.Who  are  your  all-time   favorite  bands  coming  of  Colombia ?And  are  their  any  new  bands you  feel  the readers  should  watch  out  for? My favourite band is a heavy metal one named KRAKEN, like a Dio from Colombia, KRAKEN is a legend here, I grew up listenning to them. I can recommend the readers to follow Inquisition, Thy Antichrist or Threshold end.

10.Are  their  any  honest  and  reliable  labels or  distro's you  feel  the readers  should  check  out  soon?

Not currently, but you can check some media like Factor Metal, inmigrant records.

11.Besides  metal music do  you  or  any  of the  members  of the band  listen to  any other  forms  of  underground  music?

I personally like orquesta and classical music, jazz, my music of all times is AOR and old hard rock, Survivor, Foreigner, Lynn Turner, Bad english, Journey, Alien, John Taite.

12.Besides  music  we  here  at  Ancient  Visionz  are  huge  movie  fans  do you  like to  watch  movies? If  yes  what is your  favorite  genre and  what  are some of your  favorite  movies?

I love Drama, action, suspense, horror, from Saw to Matrix, or It, Nightmare on elm street, Alien, scify also.

13.Do  you  have  any  favorite  actresses  and  actors  that you  enjoy  watching?

I would like to mention Kevin spacey, Denzel W, Anthony hopkins, Clint Eastwood, Michelle monahgan, Jennifer Aniston, Nicold Kidman, Jodie foster, sigourney weaver, Jim carrey, Stallone.

14.Jorge  besides  working in   Eshtadur   do you  or  any of the  members  currently  play  in  any  other  bands? If yes  please tell the readers  a  little  about them?

I personally only play for Eshtadur, our drummer has other projects, also bassist and guitarist, you should check Goreinhaled, Bang and Expect no mercy bands.

15.Thank  you  Jorge   for taking the time to  fill this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final  comments  for the readers?

No, it has been a pleasure I have fun taking the time, I appreciate a lot this kind of media, your support, your duty, thanks for spreading the word I just want to be closer to more ears and more fans, we have been receiving a lot of messages on our Facebook media, that is something real valuable, we are going to work harder for you¡ lml

                                                            Band  Contact


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Its time to return to the Ancient Visionz wastelands for another serving of futuristic dystopian mosh from the wastelands. Find somewhere to settle, turn it up loud, and join us for mosh!

Featured today: Viking Metal, Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Old School DM, Death Thrash, Heavy Metal, Extreme Metal, HC Punk, HC, Metallic HC, Grindcore, Crust Grind, Doom, Sludge, silly humor,  Saxon jackets, Metal Mark News Studios, Jim Demin (reporter for Metal Mark News), and more silly stuff (laughs).


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 The Defenders S1 has now been released on Netflix. I haven't watched any episodes yet, but people have mentioned to me it is not a great show. I'll post my own thoughts when I've watched the whole series during the next few days/week.


Sadly, the attempted relaunch of Crimson Bones Thrash Radio sank to the depths with no support. Crimson Bones returns on hiatus, but the Captain will make random guest appearances on the Saturday Ancient Visionz show. 

Thank you to all the PR companies/labels/bands that submit music for the shows. 

Contact: for airplay/promo on Ancient Visionz Metal Radio



    Angel Of Sodom - War Of Attrition (3:50)
    agro-culture - track 2 (demo) (1:58) (no track listings)
    Crypsis - Man-made Misery (1:53)
    Centrate - Infected (3:34)
    Traitor - Venomizer (3:13)
    Eruption - Drones (5:13)
    CORPSIA - Snakes (3:59)
    Enclave - Cannibal Cops (3:35)
    Bloodfield - Envy (3:52)
    Forbidden - Forsaken At The Gates (4:54)
    Maniac Force - Dead Planet (3:11)
    Violblast - Paths of Aggression (3:05)
    Freakings - atomic idiocy (3:45)
    TÖXIC WALTZ - Loudmouth (2:53)
    EXTRAVASION - Consume (4:25)
    Terrifier - Nuclear Demolisher (4:26)
    Bulletsize - Genocide (1:52)
    Pokerface - Divide and Rule (2:58)
    SHRED - Splatter Park (2:07)
Toxic Waltz - Priest Of Lie (4:17)
Deformatory - Apotheosis (2.38)
Retched - The Overlord Messiah (4:01)
Toxic Carnage - Speed Demons (3:38)
Endless Recovery - Evoke Perdition (3:57)
    Comaniac - The Rake (4:42)
Toxik - Door To Hell (3:48)
    Toxic Ruin -  ...Of What Lies Beneath (3:47)
Tomb Warden - Equilateral (0.58)
    Obsolete Incarnation - Demom (3.51)
    Chugun - Print In Blood (2:29)
Corpse Vomit - The Pus (3.25)
Incinerate - From Distant Worlds (3.12)
Grog - Savagery (2.12)
Vommit Remnants - Despairing the Atmosphere (4.35)
   Acranius - Warpath (3.09)

Volturyon is seeking a permanent lead vocalist


Volturyon is seeking a permanent lead vocalist for both recording and gig/tour duty. The applicant should be an experienced growler with the ability to sing fast songs as well as slower groovy tunes.

If you're interested we would like you to learn two of our songs (links below) and either send us a demo of you performing them (we'll provide you with the instrumental tracks), or meet up with us and perform them live.

Please apply via pm or email (

Fungus Coat:



NJ Heavy Metal Trio MIDNITE HELLION to Release 'Condemned to Hell' on September 15

Trenton (NJ) - U.S. Heavy Metal trio MIDNITE HELLION will release new album Condemned to Hell September 15 on Germany's Witches Brew. The album will be available on CD format with a vinyl LP version to follow in the new future. New single "Enter the Nightmare" is available for streaming at this location.

Blending a healthy mixture of Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal, MIDNITE HELLION creates an addictive, crushing sound, a combination as evident as ever on Condemned to Hell. Among the pure metal bliss is a tune called "Teenage Bloodsuckin Bimbos,' which will be the theme song for an upcoming B-movie of the same name.

MIDNITE HELLION will play a Record Release show on September 17 at Sayreville, NJ's Starland Ballroom along with EXODUS, OBITUARY, POWER TRIP, and DUST BOLT. As it turns out, the gig comes five years and 10 months to the day of the band's first demo release show opening for OBITUARY.

Condemned to Hell Track Listing:

1. Black and White
2. Death Dealer
3. Cross the Line
4. Enter the Nightmare
5. Soldiers of Hades
6. The Fever
7. Rip it Up
8. The Morrigan
9. Teenage Bloodsuckin' Bimbos

Drew Rizzo - Drums
Rich Kubik - Bass/Vocals
Mario DiBartolo - Live Guitar

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Big figures: Death Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and Captain Phasma.

Medium figures: Imperial Jet Pack Stormtrooper, First Order Tie Fighter pilot, 5th Brother, First Order Flame Trooper.


R2D2, BB8, Mini Darth Vader Key ring.



 Yarrrrr! aha yarrr! So, my hearties, Captain Midnight Mosh has risen! I've awoken from my slumber to return to the high seas to bring forth Thrash Metal plunder! I ask ye, join me today from 5-7pm EST (US)/10pm-12am UK to make ready with the Crimson Bones. Its time to sail lads and lasses, thrash is calling!

Editors note: If the show is supported, then Crimson Bones will sail again as a regular show, but if it is the same situation as the punk/hc edition, then I'll place it on hiatus again, or do random one off editions or guest features on Ancient Visionz. Gaz.

Tune in now from 5-7pm EST (US)/10pm


 Yarrrrr! aha yarrr! So, my hearties, Captain Midnight Mosh has risen! I've awoken from my slumber to return to the high seas to bring forth Thrash Metal plunder! I ask ye, join me today from 5-7pm EST (US)/10pm-12am UK to make ready with the Crimson Bones. Its time to sail lads and lasses, thrash is calling!

Editors note: If the show is supported, then Crimson Bones will sail again as a regular show, but if it is the same situation as the punk/hc edition, then I'll place it on hiatus again, or do random one off editions or guest features on Ancient Visionz. Gaz.

Tune in today @ 5-7pm EST (US)/10pm


Pictured is The First Order Tie Figher. I'm that much of a nerd folks, I did not enjoy The Force Awakens, but I own many of the figures, because I like them. My SW themed collection ranges from the OT, Rogue One, Episode 7, and SW Rebels. More pics coming soon. 


 I'm not the biggest Power Ranger fan in the world, but I like the figures , and yes I did go see the recent movie. Hmm, maybe I am a bigger Power Ranger fan than I admit? (giggles). 

  Pictured below are: Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Dino Green Ranger, and random appearance from DC's Cyborg. I'm still unable to find the Pink Ranger, and I'm not crazy on the Alpha 5 figure. I may expand them further with more Dino Rangers and the Pink Ranger, if I can ever find her in stock somewhere.


New York's FALSE GODS are streaming the entirety of their new EP Reports From Oblivion at New Noise Magazine. 

Stream the EP here:

Reports From Oblivion will be released tomorrow and will be available on the group's Bandcamp. 

About False Gods:
New York heavy-hitters False Gods have their own take on metal, a unique blend of southern-sludge influenced doom, mixed with some old school thrash-hardcore. The result is brash, bulldozing and in your face, shifting gears like a snow plow coming down the side of a steep mountain.

Coming together in 2015 out of the rubble of the previous band Skeletondealer, False Gods set out with the goal of creating something that wasn’t going to fit into any one metal subgenre. Founding member Greg March recorded the guitars and drums for a demo that would later become the foundation for their debut release. After playing the demo recordings for band-mate Mike Stack they rounded out the line-up and immediately recorded the 5 songs at Force Studios in Ronkonkoma, New York with Producer Joe Cincotta (This is Hell, Suffocation, Incendiary). Their EP Wasteland was released on April 22nd 2016 and extremely positively received by a ravenous audience. Currently the band is doing some regional weekend runs to promote their EP and have already shared the stage with Crowbar, Abigail Williams and Wolvhammer. Plans are in the works for more East Coast runs and a 2017 Fall tour.

With influences ranging from Eyehategod, Crowbar, Godflesh, Carnivore, Black Flag, Integrity, St. Vitus, Amebix, Black Sabbath, Skullflower, SWANS and Killing Joke, the members of False Gods embrace all forms of extreme and heavy music, which in turn helps them fulfill their musical vision: creating powerful sounds, telling the bitter truth of reality and letting the chips fall where they may.

Listen on Bandcamp:

Check them on Facebook:
Follow them on Instagram:

DARKFALL: Ride Through The Sky“ Videoclip + Album tracklist released!

Austrian death/thrash metallers Darkfall have published a video for "Ride Through The Sky", the opening track from the band's upcoming album "At The End Of Times".
The full tracklisting has also been revealed. The album will feature 10 songs with a running time of approximately 55 minutes.

"At The End Of Times" is now available for pre-order at MDD Shop.

Upcoming live shows
08.09. Release Show, Orpheum, Graz, AUT
09.09. Hard Summer Open Air, Falkenfels, GER
14.09. Storm Crusher Festival, Wurz, GER
17.09. Randal Club, Bratislava, SVK
30.09. Metal Weekend, Sankt Pölten, AUT
06.10. Rock im Sixpack, Wels, AUT
07.10. MARK, Salzburg, AUT
14.10. Metal Night Outbreak, Vorchdorf, AUT
20.10. Shredfest, Linz, AUT
21.10. The Day The Dead Walked Festival, Augsburg, GER
09.12. Viper Room, Wien, AUT
16.12. Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Eindhoven, NED

// deutsch //
DARKFALL: „Ride Through The Sky“ Videoclip + Tracklist + PreOrder !
Die österreichischen Death/Thrasher Darkfall 

veröffentlichen mit „Ride Through The Sky“ den Opener ihres am 8. September erscheinenden Albums „At The End Of Times“ auf Youtube! Außerdem gibt es ab sofort die komplette Tracklist des Albums, welches mit 10 Songs bei einer Spielzeit von knapp 55 Minuten aufwarten wird und dabei musikalisch alle Trademarks der Band vereint.
„At The End Of Times“ ist ab sofort im MDD Shop als PreOrder erhältlich. Am 8. September findet zudem die Album Release Show im Grazer Orpheum statt!

PreOrder Album at MDD Shop:
Darkfall Facebook:

Ride Through The Sky Video:


1. Ride Through The Sky
2. The Breed Of Death
3. The Way Of Victory
4. Deathcult Debauchery
5. Ashes Of Dead Gods
6. Your God Is Dead
7. Blutgott
8. Welcome The Day You Die
9. Ash Nazg - One Ring
10. Land Of No Return MMXVII



Critically acclaimed loud and heavy metal band TWINGIANT are pleased to announce that they will release their new album Blood Feud via Argonauta Records on October 13th 2017. 

The band's guitarist Nikos Mixas commented: "We're so excited to be on the verge of releasing our 3rd full-length album via Argonauta Records.  We've put a lot of work and thought into the material, the production in addition to the artwork concept and we couldn't be more proud of the result!  During every step of the creation process for “Blood Feud”, we took our time and we feel that we’re releasing our best effort yet by a longshot.  In the past, we’ve been lumped into the Stoner Rock/Metal/Sludge scene, but that’s really not the case anymore, “Blood Feud” may have some of those elements, but ultimately, it’s a metal album.” 
Pre-order Blood Feud here: 


1.    Throttled
2.    Poison Control Party Line
3.    Ride the Gun
4.    Re-Fossilized
5.    Shadow of South Mountain
6.    Formally Known As
7.    Last Man Standing
8.    Kaishakunin


Ethereal Riffian Release “Afterlight” DVD

Artist: Ethereal Riffian
Title: “Afterlight”
Formats: DVD-book, ecopack, or as a part of discography
(comes with a secret link to view bonuses in Full HD)
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 17 August 2017

Shamanic rockers from Ukraine Ethereal Riffian have released “Afterlight” DVD, which is the quintessence of the band’s 6-year work. Just like all band’s previous works, “Afterlight” is a conceptual release and it uncovers the topic of awakening in different spiritual traditions, namely – Buddhism, Shamanism & Mysticism. The DVD features:

Complete overview of Ethereal Riffian’s creative universe (90+ minutes of live material)

Animated videos which reveal the spiritual adventure of “Afterlight’s” main characters

Elaborate structure with 3 acts, introduction and epilogue10 bonus videos including the official music video, two documentaries, archive with rare photos and more

Unique physical formats: DVD-book, hand-made discography and eco-pack

“Since 2013 I wanted to have a single release that can give a versatile overview of the band’s creative work – its music, philosophy, approach to limited editions and live potential. And now we have it,” says Val Kornev, the frontman of the band. “With this release we, on one hand, aim to crystalize all our work and ideas since the inception of the band, and on the other hand, we want to show the quintessential component which unites all spiritual paths. For the band this release marks the end of the first chapter in its history and the beginning of the new one.”

To celebrate the release date, Ethereal Riffian reveals one live video from the “Afterlight” DVD – “Wakan Tanka” that can be viewed following this link
Merchandise can be purchased via –


Official teaser for the “Afterlight” DVD:
Creation of limited editions (6 months of work in just 3 minutes):
“Afterlight” merchandise:


Tracklist of the “Afterlight” DVD

    Whispering of the Ancients
    Wakan Tanka
    March of Spiritu
    Drum of the Deathless
    Sword of the Deathless
    Light of Self


“Afterlight” DVD was made possible thankfully to the efforts of: Kirai Gigs team, which filmed and edited all video materials for the main unit xNinja, who created both the breathtaking artwork and the mesmerizing illustrations for animated videos Bobina Records and Max Poops, who worked scrupulously to make live performances sound like expensive studio records Robustfellow and the Kornev family whose continuous support motivates and inspires

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 Top row left to right: Iron Patriot, Iron Man, War Machine, Wolverine, Iron Man (MK 2 maybe or battle mk armor?), Batman, Green Arrow, and Iron Man Hulk Buster Armor. Oh, Star Wars lights on the left of Iron Patriot.

Bottom row left to right: Vision, Ant Man, Falcon, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man (MK I cannot remember lol), and The Incredible Hulk.


 Presenting Hawkgirl, Stargirl, and Supergirl. All of the characters have appeared/appear in the current Arrow verse shows.


 In my latest nerd post, I present Arsenal and Batgirl. I plan to maybe place another figure or two alongside them at some point.


 Here are some more Spiderman fan pics for fellow Spidey fans. Characters featured are from Spiderman Home Coming, Ultimate Spiderman animated series, and the comics. I also own a Ultimate Spiderman cushion, Ultimate Spiderman box (posted here), and a small shelf case kinda thing, which has been turned into a mini DIY themed comic store (posted here).  I know, I'm a nerdy metal punk. More coming soon (laughs).

  Characters below from left to right: Scarlett Spiderman, Kid Arachnid (Spiderman Miles Morales), Armored Spiderman, Spiderman Homecoming, Classic Spiderman, Agent Venom (Flash Thompson), and Spyder Knight.

  Pic 2, left to right:  Armored Spiderman, Spiderman Homecoming, Classic Spiderman, Agent Venom (Flash Thompson), Spyder Knight,  and Big Time Spiderman.

Bittered "Badge Head" Official Video & Album Out Now! (Crust Grind)

Dennis Matos – Bass
Paul Folk – Guitars
Kasey Harrison – Vocals
Reese Harlacker – Drums

Formed in 2014 York, PA USA. By Paul, Dennis, and Kasey. Dennis and Paul played together in previous bands as well as Paul and Kasey. Every band member has been playing heavy music of some sort for years. Some of the bands include Exterminance, Police State, Wrath Of Typhon, Quarter Inch Microbomb and the list goes on and on….


Released live at The Depot April 2015 – Self released
Released first album “Hubris Aggression” August 2015 via Lost Apparitions Records
Released “Government Oppression Jan 2016 via Unfit Earth records
May 2017 releasing the Album “ Foreign Agenda” via Lost Apparitions Records once again.

Bittered started out more on the doomy side with aggressiveness on “Hubris aggression” and turned up losing most of the doomy elements by the release of 2016’s “Government Oppression”. With the upcoming release of “ Foreign Agenda” the band is aggressive, angry, and not afraid to tackle and shit on the political arena of politics. Bittered has been gigging for a few years, headlining regional shows and opening others. Looking at touring if the right bill presents itself stateside or anywhere worldwide.

Bittered Influences range widely and include, , grindcore, Crust Punk, black metal, thrash, traditional metal, and hardcore and can be heard throughout the material.

Find us on the Web:

For merch -
Facebook –

Draghkar - World Unraveled (Old School DM, 2017)

Draghkar just hit me up last night for airplay on Ancient Visionz. Pretty rad stuff that flows nicely with themes of the Ancient Visionz wastelands. Mosh! Old School DM with boss riffage! I'll be playing 'Wolrd Unraveled' in its entirety this Saturday.

Support Draghkar at the following links:

Power Theory Begins Pre-Production for New Album to be Released in 2018

(Robert Ballinger - Guitars, Jeff Rose - Vocals, Alan D'Angelo - Bass, Carlos Alvarez - Guitars, Johnny Sasso - Drums)

U.S. Heavy Metal crew POWER THEORYhas recently begun pre-production on the follow up to their Driven By Fear album with producer / engineer Carlos Alvarez of Dirty Viking Audio who is also currently playing guitar live with the band. Guitarist Rob "BB" Ballinger fills in the details below.

"The goal is to wrap up pre-production sometime in fall 2017 and begin actual album recordings shortly after with a release aimed for Spring 2018. Carlos Alvarez, who worked with the band for Driven By Fear and the recently released EP Something Old, Something New & Something F**king LIVE!!! From Europe, will again be producing, recording and mixing. Mastering will most likely again be handled by Brett Caldas-Lima of Tower Studio in France. The as yet untitled follow up will see POWER THEORY pushing their Traditional /  Power Metal style cemented on Driven By Fear even further in terms of heaviness, speed and intricacy, while sacrificing none of their established hallmarks of melodic, anthemic songwriting. Song titles set to appear include "Draugr" and "King Of Lies" with the band shooting for around 10 tracks overall."

POWER THEORY's new EP Something Old, Something New & Something F**king LIVE!!! From Europe is out now. Purchase and/or stream the EP in its entirety below.

The EP consists of new single "Brace for Impact," re-recorded versions of "Axe to Grind" and "Colossus," and live versions of "Dark Eagle" and "The Truth Shall Set You Free" (both taken from European performances). 

Robert "BB" Ballinger - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Alan D'Angelo - Bass & Backing Vocals
Jeff Rose - Lead Vocals
Márton Veress - Drums
Nygil Hoch - Guitars

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Audio
Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio
Live Recording by Jonas Vanbrabant
"Skull & Guitar" Image by Dave Orkin
EP Design & Layout by Carlos Alvarez

KOLTDOWN: Watch the new lyric videos from the mexican groove metal band

Mexico's groove metallers Koltdown have released their sophomore album, "Rising". The band, which was the support act for Metallica in Mexico City back in 2012, has also published two lyric videos for the tracks "Fire" and "King Of The Damned".

Watch below:


Tuesday, 15 August 2017


 I try to keep sense of a comic store in my place, albeit mine is small scale, but I like the theme. Amongst the titles below are Marvel Now, DC Rebirth, Image, Dark Horse, and 2000AD. Everything from Dr Strange, Predator vs Aliens, The Flash, X Force, Thunderbolts, Batman, Green Arrow, Deathstroke, and many more. I'll be uploading pics of each title and writing a few thoughts about each book. Comics and movies are sometimes unintentionally neglected on Ancient Visionz due to the metal we promote. 

  The Black Panther comic on the left is an awesome read, Iron Fist was just ok, and I haven't read the pictured MoonKnight yet.


 Eventually (jokingly speaking), I'm planning to write a series of dollar reviews on the various comics I've been reading. Outside of metal and punk, I'm a huge colossal nerd. It is another reason the chat show is returning. I love discussing all things nerdom, comics, movies, and mosh! If you love comics and movies, then contact me, and we could start up a regular feature on Ancient Visionz Talk Radio.

  Anyway, below is my Ultimate Spiderman Box! It will soon be quite clear how much of a Spidey head I am (laughs). Oh, I also wear Marvel & DC socks (laughs again). I'm a sweaty person.

CASKET ROBBERY's 'The Ascension' EP Streaming in its Entirety

CASKET ROBBERY's The Ascension EP is now streaming in its entirety. Check it out at:

The Ascension will be released August 18. The band has brought on board new members to unleash its heaviest material to date.  Pulse pounding, unrelenting, and brutally catchy! 

A lyric video for "Lilith" is available at this location.

If you don't find yourself moving while The Ascension assaults your senses, then you should at least feel dirty for listening.  The undeniable grooves and hooks coupled with conceptual lyrics make CASKET ROBBERY the next level force of death metal brutality. Take a deep breath.  Your unrelenting nightmare has just begun. Strongly recommended for fans of JUNGLE ROT, GOJIRA and PANTERA.

The Ascension was produced and engineered by Cory Scheider and Troy Powell at Old Dark Horse Studio and Unintended Studios. The EP was mixed and mastered by Gabe Fry at Kimura Recordings. Cover art comes courtesy of Travis Anthony Soumis. Art layout by Corey Scheider.

"The band has reemerged stronger and more brutal than ever!" 9.5/10
 - Metal at the Gates

"Hot, sweaty, sonic hatefucking, in the best way." 4/5
- Bloodrock Media

"Heavy as hell. Awesome metal." 4/5
 - Battle Helm

"Brutal Death Metal with an incessant speed and an innate brutality."
 - Queens of Steel

CASKET ROBBERY previously released the Evolution of Evil full-length album in 2016 on Mortal Music. Order and/or stream it at this location.  The album is also available through Big Cartel, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, and anywhere MP3s are sold.

Megan Orvold - Vocals
Derek Silloway - Bass
Derek Bonn - Drums
Troy Powell - Guitar
Cory Scheider - Guitar

Sponsors:  Dean Markley Strings, Coldcock Whiskey, Aziza World Fragrances, and Roadrash Cabs

Booking and Management: Donarus (

Clawhammer PR:


Hey all, I'm attempting to try another former edition for a 2nd show. It cannot do any worse than the recent punk/hc show. Crimson Bones was a thrash radio show I did on Brutal Existence Radio, and it still makes an appearance every now and then. It is hosted by the thrash metaler Captain Midnight Mosh.

If you enjoy all things thrash, then join Captain Midnight Mosh this Thursday @ 5-7pm EST/10pm-12am UK on

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SAVAGE ANNIHILATION “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” XENOKORP



New SAVAGE ANNIHILATION album, "Quand s'abaisse la croix du blasphème", is available for preorder.

Release date: October 13th // Promos available mid-September "Organe après organe" official song streaming unleashed


All links and infos are below. Here are direct links to all relevant infos if you prefer:

    All album details at
    YouTube song stream
    SoundCloud song stream
    Preorders direct link


Often mistakenly taken for the orthodox Death Metal band they can seem to sound like if not really paying attention to what they create, SAVAGE ANNIHILATION are a unique band pushing the envelope of their old-school influences to embark the listener into a world of their very own.

Lyrically, it’s gross. It’s crude. It’s raw. It’s dismembered and grotesque. Musically, it’s brutal. It’s heavy. It’s violent… but there’s far more than what the rotten eye can see: SAVAGE ANNIHILATION’s creations are all part of a global concept and it’s all about hopelessness and desperation.

Started fifteen years ago, the band took ten years to shape, define, re-define and re-shape their unique artistic approach and release their debut, “Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries” (2012) and it took them five more years to come with the sequel, “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème“, going even further into their post-apocalyptic visions of a world beyond doomed.

Following the path started with its predecessor, the new album is total nihilism, pure heresy and blasphemy, gore beyond gore ; savage, annihilating but it’s first and foremost an artistic, conceptual story where salvation doesn’t exist.

Fewer yet longer songs, all connected one to the other make “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” a tough listen, an oppressing experience and a challenge somehow, and when you think you will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel when you reach the last track of this nightmarish journey into gruesome horror (and few will be strong enough to survive such an unsustainable nauseating bad trip!), “Le tombeau de l’atrocité” featuring international opera singer Claire Motté again (she was already a guest on their debut), you’ll soon discover this beautiful moment of sublime grace is in fact the last spark of life into your eye before you die.

Welcome to your most fascinating nightmare.

    XKR007CDLE – 500 hand-numbered copies DigiPak CD first print
    XKR007LPLE – 300 hand-numbered copies 12″ LP first print
    XKR007D – Digital

Release Dates

    14-AUG-2017 – Preorders at
    13-OCT-2017 – Worldwide release

Track List

    Dévorante dégénérescence anthropophage
    Par-delà les dunes de cadavres
    Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème
    Organe après organe
    Le tombeau de l’atrocité
    When the Slayer Bangs His Head *

    Total Running Time : 33:36 (CD & Digital) / 37:15 (LP)

    * : exclusive vinyl bonus track
    Special guest vocals :
        Déhà on “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème“
        Claire Motté and Dum’s on “Par-delà les dunes de cadavres“
        Claire Motté on “Le tombeau de l’atrocité“
        Sybille Colin-Tocquaine and Dum’s on “When the Slayer Bangs His Head“


    David “Dave” Chaigne – Guitars & Vocals
    Benoît “Crawling B-Low” Jean – Bass
    Mickael “Mike Savage” Chaigne – Drums


    All music and lyrics by SAVAGE ANNIHILATION
    Mixed and mastered by HK at VAMACARA studio
    Artwork and layout by Poups for UNDEAD KREATION
    Executive producer: Nicolas Williart for XENOKORP records
    Reproduced with kind permission of ALIEN FORCES publishing