What do you review & interview?  

Metal: Death Metal, Doom, Thrash, Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Desert Rock, Sludge.
Punk: HC, HC Punk, Crust, D-Beat, Grind, Punk, etc. 

Underground Hip Hop: Boom Bap, HC Hip Hop, Conscious Hip Hop, etc.

  Other music: Blues, Soul, Reggae, & anything that catches our attention.

What do you play on Ancient Visionz?

  Metal: Death Metal, Doom, Thrash, Desert Rock, Sludge, Traditional Heavy Metal, Brutal DM, Old School DM, Blues, Stoner Rock.

Punk/HC: HC Punk, Punk, Crust, D-Beat, HC, Grind, Fastcore, Crust Grind, Celtic Punk, Crossover, NYHC, Metallic HC.

Where do I send submissions? ancientvisionz@gmail.com

How do I make submissions for Ancient Visionz, or Paradigm talk radio podcast? Email Gaz @ ancientvisionz@gmail.com

Can you do interviews on the radio? Yes on Paradigm talk show podcast or we can pre-record something to air on Ancient Visionz.

Can you pre-record shows? Yes if a live show isn't an option, then I could provide a pre-recorded podcast.

Are Ancient Visionz & Paradigm Radio recorded? Yes.

Where do you post radio shows? On the Ancient Visionz site.

Do you share the radio shows? Yes we share them across all social networking sites. 

How can I listen to Ancient Visionz? Via the links on the site or go here.

How I can listen/stream the Paradigm Radio chat show?
  From anywhere that has Internet access, whether a PC or smart phone, just press play on the streaming link.

Or as long as you have the link below, then you can listen via any Internet connection. If you want to keep it simple, then just listen in via the player on the front page of our site. 

Ancient Visionz is on Mixlr  

 I would like to come on the Paradigm Radio chat show, but what is the time difference between the UK & my country? 

East Coast -5hrs
West Coast -8hrs   
Central -6hrs
Mountain -7hrs
Hawaii -11hrs 

Europe CET +1hr 
 Russia & Eastern Europe +3hrs

When does Paradigm talk radio stream? We adapt the show around my own and guests schedules, but usually most days from 8pm UK/3pm EST onward. For example: 8-10pm UK/3-5pm EST, 10pm-12am UK/5-7pm EST, 12am-2am UK/7-9pm EST, etc. 



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