The planet is controlled by the dominant First Culture Corporation (Wastelanders call them Filler Culture Corporation), who rule zoned cities full of materialistic citizens that are obsessed with worshipping manufactured music and poorly scripted reality TV series. A civilisation completely ignorant to the effects 'filler' has had on the great mother earth.

Golf is becoming a religious practice within the zoned cities, which is incredibly worrying if it spreads outside.

In the wastes, it is a different matter. They are populated by various music tribes that are prone to fighting each other instead of working together to drown out the noise of ‘filler’. Road gangs, remnant tech militias, and long forgotten cultural music genres litter the wastelands.

The Waste Wanderer hopes to bring back the positive message to the wastes, that real music can be heard again.


The Waste Wanderer has been around since the 21st century, but who is he and where does he come from?

Sightings suggest he has an urban hoodie and dust jacket, a strange helmet masks his face. The Wanderer also wears military boots and black pants littered with punk and hip hop patterns displaying his devotion to the ancient art forms. Some say he is no longer fully human, perhaps partially cybernetic, but what is known about The Waste Wanderer?

He has one mission, one objective, to spread the message of punk, metal, and hip hop throughout the forgotten lands. To remind the tribes and those who would listen, of a time when music was real. Will YOU join him on his mission?


Will Van Golf, the leader of the First Culture Corporation is an evil creature spreading and manufacturing pop music, and reality TV shows, which have long blighted the earth. He desires to eradicate the last remaining real forms of music, so everything becomes one new genre titled ‘filler’.

The manufactured filler culture has already destroyed much of the planet, causing nature itself to shrivel in disgust. To express the gravity of the situation, the FCC's leader is a keen golfer, and has made the sport mandatory for inhabitants of the zoned cities. The situation is very grim, especially when golf is recognised as a sport