Tired, Alone, I Wander (Prelude PT 1)
The Waste Wanderer, prelude part 1, featuring underground hip hop artist MC 


My Madness and Stinky Ted (Prelude PT 2)
The Waste Wanderer, part 2 prelude, featuring references to Stinky Ted and Death Crust band Askevault.

I Wandered (Prelude PT 3)

The Waste Wanderer, prelude part 3, featuring 10 Dollar Film Studios, and more!

Tower Blocks and Memories of Filler Factor (Prelude PT 4)
The Waste Wanderer, prelude part 4, featuring his journey towards and empty office and apartment tower, and the beginning of an encounter with a mysterious woman.

Achillea (The Waste Wanderer Prelude PT 5)
The Waste Wanderer, prelude part 5, featuring his encounter with a mysterious being called Achillea. The Waste Wanderer learns of his mission to come and consults the elitist metal bible to help be certain if someone is 'true'.

The Waste Wanderer's Song
A diy poem about The Waste Wanderer and the sadness he feels from Mother Earth.