Merciless Onslaught (Tuesday, Underground Metal)

3 hour desecration with underground metal, featuring new releases, obscure bands, Demos/EPs & Texas bands. LIVE Tuesday Nights from 10pm-1am EST (or when the clock turns 21:00 DST, 3am-6am UK

Live Stream: 


 The Wastelands (Friday, Punk/HC)

The Wanderer is live from 'The Wastelands' every Saturday with the best in punk & metal. This edition is themed around sci fi and post apocalyptic movies/comics/games. A fun filled show featuring the best from both punk and hc

 Featured:D-Beat, Crust, Grindcore, Hardcore Punk, Hardcore, Real Punk, Crossover, Metallic HC, & many other punk/hc genres! Also silly humor, & mosh shout outs.

Tune in every Friday on @ 7pm-10pm UK, 8pm-11pm CET (Europe), 2pm-5pm Eastern (US), 11am-2pm West Coast (US), 1pm-4pm Central (US), & 12pm-3pm Mountain (US)

 Live shows are:

The Wastelands Radio Show Page/& Info

The Wastelands Archives
The Wastelands Podcast Archives


Full Shred Ahead (Friday, Metal/Rock/Blues)

Full Shread Ahead w/ Beau every Friday 5-7pm PST (US)/1am-3am UK.

Featured: Metal, Virtuoso Instrumental Shred, Blues, Hard Rock, Progressive, Classic Rock, & more!

Live stream @

Metal Mark's Vault (Friday's, Classic Metal)

Metal Mark's Vault is live every Friday @ 10pm-1am EST (US)/3am-6am UK featuring the best in classic metal.

Ancient Visionz (Saturday, Underground Metal)
Gaz Visionz is live every Saturday with Ancient Visonz featuring a mosh filled show accompanied by silly humor and hyper excitable sounds! 
Featured: Death Metal, Brutal DM, Old School DM, Doom, Thrash, Sludge, Desert Rock, Stoner Rock, Traditional Heavy Metal, Blues, mosh shouts, skits, & silly stuff.

Tune in every Saturday on @ 9pm-12am UK, 10pm-1am CET (Europe), 4pm-7pm Eastern (US), 1pm-4pm West Coast (US), 3pm-6pm Central (US), & 2pm-5pm Mountain (US)

Live shows are:

Audio Aggression (Saturday, Underground Metal)

 Audio Aggression, one of the finest underground metal shows, goes back to 1992! AA is now DIY, hosted by our good friend Metal Mark. Features: Death Metal, Thrash, Doom, Power, Progressive, and Traditional Heavy Metal.
Every Saturday 10pm-1am EST (US)/3am-6am (UK)

Canada's Extreme Metal Radio

Independent Canadian extreme metal station based in Calgary, Canada. CEMR has been around a few yrs, also organises and promotes various underground metal festivals. Check them out and their live shows.

Dead Drift (Sci-Fi/Comedy Web TV Series)

"Dead Drift" is like Red Dwarf meets youtube. A screwball buddy comedy in SPACE, told by characters interacting via video communication consoles. These two less than stellar representatives of Earth's USSC (United Solar Space Command, the future equivalent of NASA) set forth on an expedition to Saturn's moon Titan, a mission they've been given mostly to keep them out of everyone else's hair. Along the way they'll come to rely on the ship's holographic AI HANNAH to save their asses on more than one occasion. When they get to Titan, they make a monumental discovery that makes their mission one of the most important in human history.

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