Friday, 27 October 2017


I Wandered

I ran and wandered for weeks. The voice and song was always there. Slowly becoming clearer, but I was too afraid. It actually drove me crazy, really crazy. I could hear the song, but not fully understand it. I just wanted to be alone. Alone with my music. At least it was something, it was all I had. Wherever I went, the song was always there, it was always in my mind, it didn’t matter what I listened to. The song never stopped. I lost sleep and hallucinated on a regular basis.

The Wastelands is a like coin, two different sides, the sun and moon, hot and cold. A contrasting landscape that can switch between sheer tranquility and immediate peril. It can be weeks, sometimes months before you meet another soul. The silence was my close and intimate friend, but now I had another. I was still unsure if I wanted this friend. The gnawing song that spoke of legends. Am I another mad wanderer, another actor to take the stage, playing a part in a terrible penny dreadful, or starring in 10 Dollar Studio’s latest lower than low budget offering? Indeed, I was clearly mad, but in a world gone mad, what is normal anymore? The Earth I walk upon doesn’t hide the madness of human beings and their fateful folly. 

The words became clearer over time, I learned to adjust to the voice. When I did this, it became less frequent, but clearer to me. I was beginning to understand, knowing how to channel it, and listen to the words I could hear, especially when I touched the ground.

Luckily for me, the only dangers I’d encountered so far were my own ramblings, and the usual Wastelands storms, but my attributes could handle weather extremes a little easier. I’m a wanderer, this is my life, and it is what I do. 

I guess you are wondering, where are the predators and gangs? I’m experienced with hiding when necessary, and surviving. The gangs tend to stay near places they can raid. The Wastelands are a vast and never ending place. There are others out here, towns, cities, settlements, but since my escape, I preferred to live as a solitary creature. 

I had reached another ruined collection of colossal structures and streets. The urban archaic landscape stretched for miles. Ahead of me was a cathedral, its doors semi open with the wind blowing inside. Above its gigantic doors, sat two gargoyles basking in the moonlight. Their mouths crooked with the stones erosion, which made them appear to be laughing.

On my left was a former city police station, its signs barely visible. I could see dancing shadows and shapes underneath what was maybe an old office block.

I needed to be cautious, I proceeded through the empty roads and streets.

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