Saturday, 10 February 2018


Ancient Visionz Radio is currently scheduling more interviews from indie film, metal, hc punk, and underground hip hop. I'd like to suggest reading the FAQS, which answer all questions and state what is needed to come on the show, and how it works, etc, etc. 
If interested, please treat Ancient Visionz Radio seriously, ensuring to confirm all agreed dates within a good time frame and not last minute, make sure to create a Skype account before the day of the show, and add myself. This helps save time if there are any technical issues, or you are not familiar with Skype. If unsure, request a test call before the actual interview.

Ancient Visionz Radio FAQS

Please remember we are all busy, and I'm trying to accommodate guests from many scenes, time zones, and PR companies. Failure to turn up for a show, or leaving everything until last minute with no communication is a waste of time.

Please contact Gaz at the email address below to schedule an interview on Ancient Visionz Radio. Serious enquiries only.