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Interview with Votov done by Patrick posted on 1-31-18 (DEATH METAL)

Interview  with Votov  done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  how  is  2018  starting off for you  and the  band? Please  introuduce  yourselves  to the  readers?

Hello, I'm Chuck Labossiere (guitar/vocals). I'll be answering the questions on behalf of the other band members. Matt Penner (drums) and John Duke (bass). 2018 is starting off great! We just released our CD at the end of 2017, so it's a new year to get shit done!!

2.When  did you first meet the other members of the  band and was it long before you all started Votov?And how did you choose   Votov  as the name of the  band  does it have a  special meaning?

I played in a band called IMMORTAL POSSESSION with John Duke from 1990-1998. I've also been playing music with drummer Matt Penner in a band called PSYCHOTIC GARDENING (starting in the mid 2000's). PSYCHOTIC GARDENING is currently active and involves all three VOTOV members. PG is a different style with keyboards, two vocalists and two guitars with leads. VOTOV is straight up DM with no leads. 3-piece.

The name does have meaning. Multiple meanings in fact. Anything I'm involved with always has many layers and meanings. One of the meanings is as simple as visual cue to be seen and remembered in the case of the logo. It can be viewed frontwards or backwards, in a mirror and remain correct. These type of things are as important to me as specific numbers. Another meaning is when we use it as an acronym. "Voices of the Other Voices" is the personification of things being said, encoded within other statements or passages.

3.The bands self titled debut is being  released by the band  did you  plan on self-releasing your  debut  or  would you  like to  find  a label to  work  with?

We have always chosen to self release. This way, we have full control and ownership of all our material. Some of my bands have been offered deals in the past but it didn't seem like the right thing to do at the time. We would be open to considering a deal if it was right for us, but that's unlikely in today's environment.

4.Does the  whole band work  on writing  the music or does one member  usually  write  everything?

I bring the material to the table and the members learn and alter the demo materiel to finalize the arrangement.
5.Who  usually  takes care of  writing  the  the lyrics  for the music  what  are  some  subjects  written about on  the  debut?

I write all the lyrics and do all the artwork for the band. Subject matter is important to me. I like to write about serious topics dealing with human conditioning, world politics, religion mass manipulation, etc.

6.Besides the  debut  cd  does the band  have  any other  merchandise  availible  for the  readers?If  yes what  is  availible  and where can the readers  buy it?

Yes, we have patches, pins and shirts. People can contact us directly on FB if they like.

7.Are their  any tours or  shows planned  for 2018 if yes where  will the  band be  playing?Who  are some  bands you  will be sharing the  stage  with?

We will definitely be playing shows in 2018! Hopefully a few festivals. Not sure who we will be playing with yet.

8.Besides  metal music do you  listen to any other  genres of underground  music?If yes  what  genres  do you  listen to  and who  are some of your  favorite  bands and artists?

Yes, all members listen to all sorts of things. I love weird instrumental stuff or vocal choirs. Certain classical music for sure! I've been on a classic metal and classic thrash bender lately.

9. Votov  comes out  of  Canada's  death metal scene  what are your  thoughts on the  Canadian  metal  scene?

I am incredibly impressed with my country at the moment!! Across the entire country, there is some amazing talent!! My own city is out of hand!! So much talent!!!

10.Who  are your  all-time favorite  Canadian  bands and are their  any  new  bands you  feel the readers  should  check  out  soon?

Of course I'd have to say Razor and Sacrifice on behalf of John and myself! I'm sure Matt would say SYL or any of the bands associated with them. As for new bands, there is so many I respect and admire, I wouldn't want to only name a few at the risk of leaving someone out.

11.When  not  working on new music or band  business  what do you  like to do  in your  free  time?

I like to do artwork in Photoshop and sleep. I love to sleep!! Matt lives away from the city and enjoys building swords. He made himself a forge and spends a lot of time hammering steel. John is a family man, enjoys spending time with them. Since John and I live in the city, we like to attend as many local shows as we can. We try to support our local scene as much as possible.

12.Other then  music we are  huge  movie  fans  here do you  enjoy watching  movies?

I used to enjoy movies quite a bit. Lately I haven't really spent the time. Seems like I have other things to do.

13.What  are  some of your  favorite  movies?

My favourite movie is probably still Natural Born Killers. My life was bizarre during that timeframe. A lot of wild times back then, so it becomes associated in my memories.

14.Who are  some of your  favorite  actresses and actors?Are  their  any  directors  you  enjoy  watching?

I really couldn't point out any actor or director specifically.

15.Besides  playing in  Votov  do you  or  any of the members  currently  play in  any other  bands?If yes please tell the readers a little  about them?

All three VOTOV members also play in a band called PSYCHOTIC GARDENING. (Doom based with keyboards, two vocalists and two guitar players.) Aside from that, I also do vocals (no guitar) for a band called EYAM. In 2013 I filled in on vocals in Broken Hope for the Canadian dates and a few European dates.

16.Thank you  for  taking the time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do you  have any final  comments  for the  readers?

Thanks for the interview!! We appreciate the coverage quite a lot! Cheers to our fans who support us by buying our CDs and shirts!!
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