To submit IDs, drops, and music contact The Waste Wanderer @

Please ensure all submissions are MP3s, and are tagged & named correctly. 

Untagged, unnamed files/tracks, and poor sound quality will be ignored. 

What does The Waste Wanderer play?

Punk/HC Genres: HC, HC Punk, Crust, D-Beat, Grindcore, Celtic Punk, Ska Punk, Straight Edge HC, Crust Grind, Metallic Crust, Fastcore/PV, Anarcho Punk, Beatdown, Metallic HC, NYHC, Stench, Crossover, Horror Punk, Underground Punk Rock.

Metal Punk: Punk based metal is also fine to featured such as Metal Punk, Punk Based Old School DM, Death Punk, and Death Crust.

Metal: Death Metal, Brutal DM, Slam, Death Grind, Old School DM, Thrash, Doom, Desert Rock, Sludge, Stoner Rock, Metal, Modern Metal, Traditional Heavy Metal, Underground Hard Rock.

Blues & Dark Country: Underground Blues, Blues Rock, Blues Metal, Dark Country. Stuff that's got soul, good acoustic strings, guitars, and rawness/grit in the vocals.  

Underground Hip Hop: Real Hip Hop only such as boom bap, conscious hip hop, hc hip hop.   

If I think something can be flowed into the show, then I'm open to it. I'm always interested in new music and new underground music genre or styles I haven't heard before. So please ask if you unsure whether you're music can be featured.

Do you post the podcast on the site? Yes via Dropbox.

How often do you the show? Monthly releases. Last weekend of every month. 

Why won't you accept untagged/unnamed files? Standard practice for any podcast or radio show is to accept named and tagged files. It makes you appear unprofessional and lazy if you submit something as 'track 2'. I'm unable to sit re-naming, re-converting every audio file that is received. Please take the time to ensure all files are in the correct format to avoid your submission being rejected.

Why was my submission rejected? Either incorrect format or untagged/unnamed files as explained above, poor sound quality, or incorrect genre for the show. Please read the site to avoid your submission being ignored.

Do you own a label or distro? No. Please read the site.

Can you pay for my tour/ablum release/studio time/help organise my tour? No. The Wastelands is a concept based hc punk radio show/story, nothing more. 

Do you do reviews and interviews? Interviews and reviews are posted on the Ancient Visionz site and conducted through Ancient Visionz Chat Radio